Pyromania is a design and manufacturing company that is dedicated to the social aspect of fire. Based in Southern California, we are blessed with the perfect weather and lifestyle for enjoying outdoor fireside entertainment.

    We have spent many years designing and developing all types of fire features. Items from 6,000 pound polished granite boulders to reclaimed metal and wood industrial style dining tables have all passed through our doors.

    After years of honing our skills and understanding the retail market much better, we are now offering retail and semi-custom level fire tables. 


    We may be biased, but our new lines are very much local inspired products. It is due to the diversity of the southern California lifestyle and it's influence on our new product lines. From the laid back vibe of San Diego, the kitschy mid-century modern style of Palm Springs and the hipster movement of the L.A. arts district. They are all etched into the design of our products.