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custom burner


custom burner

Fire Table Mounted Control Panel

Wall Mounted Control Panel


custom burner

Fire Table Mounted Control Panel (Only)

Manual Timer Control

Old fashion dial timers are still preferred on many public area projects. So, we made our electronic burner system compatible with them and even offer one of our own. It can be hardwired to a 110v electrical line leading to the fire table or connected to the fire table with the included feedback loop cable. We currently stock a 1-hour timer and can provide a 15-minute timer on request. Note: It is not required but is advisable to install an emergency shut-off switch with manual timers. Please specify if the manual timer is to be mounted on the wall and wired to 110v or on the fire table control panel. If mounted onto a wall and connected to the fire pit through the feedback loop, an extension cable will be required. Manual timers can be used with both 110v and 12v battery powered systems.

Add-on Price:US$189

custom burner
custom burner

Control Panel for Battery Powered System

12V Battery Pack

12-volt Battery Pack

Gives approximately 500 hours of run time before the batteries need replacement. Once depleted, the eight “C” size batteries within the case can be replaced. It is also possible to power the burner system on 110v and the 12v battery pack at the same time. 

Add-on Price:US$148

custom burner
custom burner

Control Panel for RFID System

RFID System

RFID Smart Control

RFID “smart” control can limit use of a fire feature to only those who have a chip equipped key fob, sticker or smart ring (sold separately). It comes with a control panel mounted reader, 2 chip equipped “stickers” that can be attached to the back of a cell phone and 2 chip equipped simulated leather key fobs. We aslo have 2 styles of compatible smart rings in assorted sizes available for purchase. A preprogrammed timer can be set to turn the flame on for between 15 minutes and 1 hour of run time when a chip enabled device is scanned. With the timer control, a manual shut-off can be performed with the included emergency shut-off / reset switch. Note: The RFID option is not recommended for running on a battery pack. It uses power in standby mode which drains the battery and shortens the run time significantly. 

Add-on Price:US$254

custom burner

Control Panel with Keyed Lock-out Switch Added

Keyed Lock-out Switch

For a low-tech way to prevent access of unauthorized users, a keyed (power) lock-out switch is essential. It is mounted on the fire table’s control panel and cuts the power to the burner system when the key is turned to the “OFF” (locked) position.

Add-on Price:US$67

custom burner

Control Panel with USB Port Added

USB Charger

Considering a burner cover to add more usable table surface when not enjoying a fire? Or maybe you want to be able to charge your phone when sitting around your fire table. If so, we can add a USB charger plug to the control panel.

Add-on Price:US$75

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