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Using a handheld remote in an outdoor environment is outdated and a bit silly. They are rarely waterproof and constantly get ruined or lost. We get that. So, we decided that the only sensible handheld remote to use for controlling our fire tables would be your phone. Our optional Bluetooth plug-in module adds flame control onto your phone while retaining full functionality of the wall and fire pit controls. Which is essential when the Bluetooth controller is unavailable at a critical moment. After all, safety is very important to us. Which is why we chose Bluetooth over Wi-Fi. It is a more reliable and much safer than Wi-Fi due to its proximity technology. That ensures your fire feature is not mistakenly turned on from a remote location (like your office) and roasts your canvas cover, cat or worse. The Bluetooth add-on also includes an emergency shut-off/reset switch which is added to the control panel. It is designed to work with Pyromania burner systems through our own downloadable app. Note: The Bluetooth option is not recommended for running on a battery pack. It uses power in standby mode which drains the battery and shortens the run time significantly.


It's only available as an add-on feature for electronic ignition burner system for SOL, MOD, DECO and ROOT fire tables.

Bluetooth Control

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