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Old fashion dial timers are still preferred on many public area projects. So, we made our electronic burner system compatible with them and even offer one of our own. It can be hardwired to a 110v electrical line leading to the fire table or connected to the fire table with the included feedback loop cable. We currently stock a 1-hour timer and can provide a 15-minute timer on request. Note: It is not required but is advisable to install an emergency shut-off switch with manual timers. Please specify if the manual timer is to be mounted on the wall and wired to 110v or on the fire table control panel. If mounted onto a wall and connected to the fire pit through the feedback loop, an extension cable will be required. Manual timers can be used with both 110v and 12v battery powered systems.


It's only available as an add-on feature for electronic ignition burner system for SOL, MOD, DECO and ROOT fire tables.

Manual Timer Control

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