Buy a Pyromania Tao fire table and get a complimentary aluminum burner cover (default item). If you prefer to exchange the complimentary item for a square tank cover (Hermit) or glass windshield (GWS-30R), please send us an email confirming the complimentary item of your choice before your order ships. Otherwise, the complimentary item will be the default item (aluminum cover ABC-31R).


- Tao is a larger version of Paloma and with smooth distinctive sides


- Hand made from reinforced high performance concrete with a matte texture and in a choice of 2 colorfast shades

- Equipped with our new 60,000 BTU "Professional" burner system which includes a commercial grade burner, 12v (8X AA battery operated) push button ignition and a hi fidelity style control panel.

- Includes 3" high, heavy duty, machined aluminum legs which raise the tables to 17" and allows plenty of air to pass under so that Tao can be placed on any patio or deck surface (Installation is optional).

- Includes a commercial grade canvas cover and Authentic Bali lava rock is included.

- Includes a 2 year limited warranty.

- Available in natural gas or propane

- Standing in at 17" high with the legs installed and 14" high without.  It is 41" x 41" and weighs 220 pounds with the lava rock included.

Tao Fire Table

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