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  • Deco's square body design is borrowed from our Tao fire table and like Tao, it is made from reinforced high-performance concrete and available in two colorfast colors (Charcoal and Slate Grey).

  • The dimensions are 41" wide by 41" long by 14 - 17" high and weighs between 158 and 230 pounds (depending on options ordered).

  • A manual ignition burner system is installed in this table with below features: 
  1. Constructed from premium materials such as solid brass, 18-gauge 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum and assembled with CSA certified parts.
  2. The high-tech inspired control panel is made from brushed and anodized aluminum. It is fitted with a machined aluminum control knob which has knurling added for extra grip. Both are laser engraved for its chemical and wear resistance.
  3. The proprietary burner design sheds any water that migrates into the burner ring. It will never flood even with the absence of drain holes because unlike our competitors, our burner rings do not require drain holes (which diverts gas and distorts the flame). They also do not require a raised center (which typically poke up from the fire glass). so, a minimum of media (fire pebbles, fire glass) is required to cover the ring.
  4. Equipped with whistle free gas pipes which are made of epoxy coated 304 stainless steel and fitted with solid brass connections.
  5. Regulated to 65,000 BTU.
  6. Easy to convert from natural gas to propane and vice versa.

Deco Fire Table with Match Lit Ignition

$1,999.00 Regular Price
$1,699.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax