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Easy Remote Control with PyroMania App

Step 1: Download PyroMania App from your mobile device


Appstore Download


GooglePlay Download

Step 2: Turn on the bluetooth function on your mobile device. Turn on PyroMania app and click "Connect" on the top right. Find "pyromania" from the list and choose to connect. Once it's successfully connected, "pyromania" will show as a "Bluetooth Device" under the "Setting" tab.


Step 3: Now you are ready to control PyroMania fire table from your mobile device! Go to tab "Flame control" to turn your fire table on or off. Go to tab "Timer" to set the time length you want your fire table to work. Click "start" to turn on the fire table. The app will count down the time and the fire table will be turned off automatically when the time is up.

If you have any questions about the app, please contact us at

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