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Different with the residential line and professional line models, our made to order line models are installed with commercial grade burner systems with outstanding features listed below. 

  • Constructed from premium materials such as solid brass, 18-gauge 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum and assembled with CSA certified parts.

  • The high-tech inspired control panel is made from brushed and anodized, 1/8" aluminum. It is fitted with a machined aluminum control knob which has knurling added for extra grip. Both are laser engraved for its chemical and wear resistance.

  • The proprietary burner design sheds any water that migrates into the burner ring. It will never flood even with the absence of drain holes because unlike other brands on the market, our burner rings do not require drain holes (which diverts gas and distorts the flame). They also do not require a raised center (which typically poke up from the fire glass). so, a minimum of media (fire pebbles, fire glass) is required to cover the ring.

  • Equipped with whistle free gas pipes which are made of epoxy coated 304 stainless steel and fitted with solid brass connections.

  • Regulated to 65,000 BTU. Optional thruster burner ring can increase the flame height twice while using the same amount of fuel.

  • Easy to convert from natural gas to propane and vice versa.

  • Root fire table is 46" longest, 42" widest and 17" high without the optional legs. It weighs at 148 pounds and easy to carry by 2 people.

  • What's included with purchase of the Root fire table: 3' or 10' hose for propane or NG connection and around 50 pounds of fire media of your choice.

  • Accessories sold separately: Glass windshield, burner cover, propane tank cover, table cover, adjustable legs 1 3/4" high or 3" high. 

  • Three ignition types for your choice, see the details below.

custom fire table
custom fire table

Match Lit Ignition 
Gas is turned on, a match or manual ignitor is lit and then ignites the gas.

Our match lit ignition is a simple and bulletproof option that has a modest but important improvement on a key valve system. We are safety conscious and realized that a problem with key valves is that keys can get lost and/or go wayward at a critical time when immediate shut-down of the fire table is needed. Therefore, we have replaced the key with a permanently fixed knob so you will never need to frantically search for a key. We also use the highest quality parts to ensure that safety and also provide a long a product life.

custom fire table
custom fire table

Push Button Flame Sensing Ignition
A button is pushed to create a spark and ignites a flame after the gas is turned on.

Do you want more convenience and safety features than what a match lit ignition system can provide? Consider our spark ignition, a (electronic) push button ignition system. It is the best push button ignition system on the market.

  • Our commercial grade and waterproof 12v battery powered ignition system outperforms and outlasts (up to 10 years on one set alkaline batteries) all other push button systems on the markets.

  • Equipped with a commercial grade safety valve that is more durable and with a higher output that most other safety valve equipped fire tables on the market.

  • Fitted with a thermo-couple assisted (and weatherproof) standing pilot which ensures easy lighting under rainy, windy and low-pressure conditions. If a flameout of the pilot occurs, the thermocouple will signal for the valve to automatically close and terminate the gas flow to both the burner and pilot. Unlike pilotless safety burner systems, it performs well in locations that suffer from low natural gas pressure, high winds, or torrential rain.

custom fire table
custom fire table

APPE Ignition
Adaptive Plug & Play Electronic Ignition 

A switch is turned on, and the flame appears.

Are you looking for features such as a manual timer, Bluetooth or RFID (smart) control? If so, our electronic ignition is what you need. But first, in case you are wondering what is the difference between (electronic) push button and electronic ignition. The only electronics in the push button ignition is in the push button ignitor itself where the electronic ignition system includes a fully electronic valve and control system. Therefore, it can offer features and options that are not available with a push button ignition system. Also, electronic push button ignitors run on batteries while fully electronic systems typically require a 110v power source. However, if you want the (fully) electronic ignition and do not have 110v easily available, don’t fret. Our system will also run on 12v and we have an optional 12v battery pack available. So, no need to run down to the hardware store for a 100’ extension cord (AKA trip cord) to get power to your fire table. Click below button to get more details and add-on options. 

  • Incorporates an innovative and adaptable “plug and play” system that offers many features that a commercial or discerning customer wants yet cannot get with other burner systems. It has a variety of optional add-ons and swappable options that can be pre-installed from the factory or added at a later date.

  • In addition to manual control which offers control from a wall switch, wall timer or with the included on/off switch through a feedback loop, there are add on options that include RFID (smart) control and Bluetooth.  

  • Our proprietary control panel system allows for interchangeable control at two separate locations (ask us about this one).

  • The burner is built as a self-contained assembly which can be removed and re-installed without the use of tools. The electrical and gas connections are all quick connects and the burner assembly can be dropped onto a ledge or support brackets without bolting it in. That means a quick and painless installation or removal (for service) that does not require a gas fitter to do.

  • Includes a flame- and water-resistant nano-tech heat shield on the underside of the burner pan. Testing has shown that when vented properly, the underside of the burner assembly maintains a temperature of outdoor ambient +10 degrees at 5 hours test time with the heatshield installed.

  • Equipped with an intelligent and weatherproof ODS pilot that has an auto lite pilot and a flame sensor that initiates a sequence to re-light the pilot if a flame-out occurs. If it is unable to relight automatically within one minute, it shuts the system down until it is restarted manually. Unlike pilotless safety burner systems, it performs well in locations that suffer from low natural gas pressure, high winds, or torrential rain.

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