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At PyroMania, we're not just a company; we're passionate creators of fire-centric design and innovation. Nestled in the heart of sunny Southern California, we're fortunate to embrace the outdoors and the art of fireside socializing like no other state.

Our journey has been marked by years of tireless craftsmanship, refining every facet of fire features. From monumental 6,000-pound polished granite boulders to reclaimed metal and wood masterpieces that double as industrial-style dining tables, our creations have graced homes and gatherings with warmth and elegance across North America.


What sets PyroMania apart? Our product lines reflect the vibrant tapestry of Southern California lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from the laid-back vibes of San Diego, the iconic mid-century modern flair of Palm Springs, and the creative pulse of the L.A. arts district, our designs embody the essence of our vibrant surroundings. Join us in igniting a new era of fire-inspired living!

Contact Us

PyroMania Inc.
1968 S Coast Hwy

Laguna Beach, CA, USA
Tel: 909-631-7869

9:30am-5:30pm PST

Customers in Canada please contact

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