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Updated: Apr 10, 2023

When it comes to choosing a fire table for your outdoor space, there are a few options to consider. Two popular materials for fire tables are MGO (Magnesium Oxide) and GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). While both materials are durable and long-lasting, there are some key differences between them. MGO fire tables are made from a composite material that consists of magnesium oxide and fiberglass. MGO is a popular material for fire tables because it is lightweight, durable, and fire-resistant. It can withstand high temperatures without cracking or fading, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. MGO fire tables are also easy to clean and maintain, as they do not require any special cleaning agents or treatments. On the other hand, GFRC fire tables are made from a mixture of cement, sand, water, and glass fibers. GFRC is known for its strength and durability, as well as its ability to be molded into various shapes and designs. GFRC fire tables are typically heavier than MGO fire tables, but they are still easy to move and transport. GFRC fire tables also have a natural stone-like appearance, which can be a desirable aesthetic feature for some homeowners.

While both MGO and GFRC fire tables have their benefits, GFRC fire tables offer a few advantages over MGO fire tables. For one, GFRC is a more environmentally friendly material than MGO. GFRC is made from natural and recycled materials, whereas MGO is typically made from synthetic materials. Additionally, GFRC fire tables are less prone to cracking or chipping than MGO fire tables. This is because the glass fibers mixed in the GFRC help to reinforce the concrete, making it stronger and more resistant to damage. While the fiberglass in the MGO is typically in a form of matting which may be less uniform and can result in weaker spots in the material. Especially lower-quality matting may break down more quickly over time. Another advantage of GFRC fire tables over MGO fire tables is that GFRC does not necessarily require paint to achieve a desired color or finish. GFRC has a natural stone-like appearance and can be molded into various shapes and designs, making it an attractive option for those who want a unique and stylish fire table. MGO fire tables, on the other hand, typically require paint to achieve a desired color or finish. Therefore GFRC fire tables are more forgiving of fading or weathering than painted MGO fire tables.

Pyromania fire tables are all handmade from high-performance GFRC in additional to 2 coats of clear sealers to ensure durability and long-lasting quality. Check out our best-selling outdoor fire pit tables.


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