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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

For southern California customers, we offer a $299 customer satisfaction package, which includes:

- White glove delivery*

- Gas connection and set-up by a Pyromania technician**

- Free returns if not completely satisfied***.

Why this is a great deal?

- Saves you money and time by not needing to call in a gas fitter to hook up your fire table.

- No need to take time off and be home when your order is delivered and set up.

- Assures a damage-free delivery since it is unpackaged and inspected by our technician.

- Assures a problem-free installation since it is done by someone who knows the product inside and out.

- Restocking and return shipping fees are waived if the order is returned with the Pyromania tech at the time of delivery and installation.

*Includes shipping, unpacking, placement, and hauling away of the packaging. Must be a ground-level delivery unless there is elevator access to an upper or lower level (no stairs). There must not be any conditions or obstacles that would make the location inaccessible by the technician with a dolly or it will be left in the closest accessible location and deemed a standard delivery.

**If using natural gas, the gas line must be in place with a shut-off valve pre-installed (access to the shut-off valve will be required). If using propane, a filled portable tank must be on-site and available for use.

***Must be returned with the Pyromania tech on the day of delivery or a $150 return fee will be charged for returning to the residence to pick up the unit.

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