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This is a made-to-order fire table that comes with a customized burner system and the lead time is around 2 weeks. If you're looking for a ready-to-ship fire table with a push button ignition burner, please click HERE to shop the collection.



This Genesis fire table is hand cast from top-quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) with 3 coats of clear sealer applied to stay colorfast. Its custom burner is constructed from premium materials such as solid brass, 18-gauge 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum and assembled with CSA certified parts. The proprietary burner design sheds any water that migrates into the burner ring. They also do not require a raised center (which typically poke up from the fire glass). so, a minimum of media (fire pebbles, fire glass) is required to cover the ring. Equipped with whistle free gas pipes which are made of epoxy coated 304 stainless steel and fitted with solid brass connections. If you choose a push button ignition or APPE,  it's also packed with safety features flame recognition to ensure that the system shuts down (if unable to automatically re-light first with the pilot installed) in case of wind blow-out.



Color: slate gray or charcoal gray (Click HERE to order color swatches)

Fuel: propane or natural gas, easily convertible. 

Burner Ring: standard or thruster (generates twice the size of flame while using the same amount of fuel) 

Ignition: match lit, push button flame sensing or APPE (Adaptive Plug & Play Electronic)

Match Lit

When gas is turned on, a match is lit and then ignites the gas. Our match lit ignition is a simple and bulletproof option that has a modest but important improvement on a key valve system. We are safety conscious and realized that a problem with key valves is that keys can get lost and/or go wayward at a critical time when immediate shut-down of the fire table is needed. Therefore, we have replaced the key with a permanently fixed knob so you will never need to frantically search for a key. Also, flame height is adjustable by turning the knob.

Push Button Flame Sensing

When a button is pushed to create a spark and ignites a flame after the gas is turned on. Our commercial grade and waterproof 12v battery powered ignition system outperforms and outlasts (up to 10 years on one set alkaline batteries) all other push button systems on the markets. Equipped with a commercial grade safety valve that is more durable and with a higher output that most other safety valve equipped fire tables on the market.

APPE (Adaptive Plug & Play Electronic)

APPE is an intelligent 12-volt burner system with multiple options for control and add-ons. All of which use a plug & play format and are fully interchangeable. It comes with a waterproof 110V power transformer preinstalled unless a 12V battery pack is specified by the customer. APPE is also packed with an intelligent and weatherproof ODS pilot that has an auto lite pilot and a flame sensor that initiates a sequence to re-light the pilot if a flame-out occurs. If it is unable to relight automatically within one minute, it shuts the system down until it is restarted manually.​ Emergency stop buttons are standard, keyed lockouts are available for those who want to limit access during certain periods and RFID/Bluetooth limit access to only authorized users. With all these features, APPE ignition is also the safest burner system available on the market. 



  • Table size: 41" diameter, 12" high without 3" high optional legs

  • Bottom clearance: approximately 7" high from the ground to the bottom center of the burner assembly. There is empty room around the burner assembly.

  • Burner pan size: 18" diameter, round

  • Burner ring size: 12" diameter, round

  • Gas output: 65000 btu max.

  • Table weight: 150 lbs.



A Genesis fire table 

Fire rocks of your choice (Bali beach lava rocks or Caribbean beach fire pebbles)


Custom Fire Table - Genesis - 41" Round

PriceFrom $1,439.20
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Push Button On/Off 

    The fire table operates with a single push button on/off switch. Best option for residential installations that do not offer a 110v connection (a 12v battery pack will be required if not connecting to a 110v power source) Click here to get a 12V battery pack.

    Mechanical Timer

    A 60-minute mechanical timer (dial type) is installed on the panel along with an emergency stop button. A keyed emergency stop is also available if it is desirable to “lock-out” use of the fire pit during certain periods. This is the best option for hospitality and multifamily installations that do not have access to 110v power (a 12v battery pack will be required if not connecting to a 110v power source)

    110v Wall Switch Control

    This option is if the fire table is to be operated with a pre-installed 110v wall switch or timer. An emergency stop button is installed on the fire table and a keyed version is available if it is desirable to “lock-out” use of the fire pit during certain periods.

    Push Button Timer

    This is the best option for hospitality and multifamily installations that have access to 110v. The fire table is operated with a push button switch and the fire table turns on and automatically turns off at a pre-set time each time the “ON” button is pressed. The timer can be pre-set for any length of time (default 60 min).  An emergency stop is installed on the control panel along with the “ON” timer switch. A keyed emergency stop is available if it is desirable to “lock-out” use of the fire pit during certain periods.


    With Bluetooth installed, the fire table has dual control. The fire table is controlled with an exclusive PyroMania app (remotely), as well as a push button on/off switch when Bluetooth is not available nor preferred. A keyed switch is installed on the control panel so that the on/off switch can be locked off, providing limited operation access to only those who have the Bluetooth app installed on their phone. An emergency stop button is also installed on the control panel.


    The latest technology in limiting access to only authorized users. RFID uses NFC chips to operate the fire table. The fire table will only operate when an NFC chip is placed against a chip reader. With this option, an RFID chip reader and an emergency stop are installed on the control panel. The controller is pre-programmed to shut the flame off automatically after 60 minutes run time (after each swipe). Custom time settings are available at request. To turn off the fire table prematurely, either touch the NFC chip on the reader again or press the E-stop button. RFID equipped fire tables come with 2 encoded Key fobs and 2 encoded stickers that can be attached to cell phone cases. NFC chip equipped and compatible smart rings are available from Pyromania. Commercial RFID readers are also available for installations that require connection to a central system.

If you are contractors, builders, designers and industry professionals, contact us for trade discounts.

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Free shipping for all orders over $149. For courier items our free shipping service is a ground delivery. For freight items our free shipping service is a curbside delivery. Many firepit suppliers on the market offer standard curbside delivery only. We offer inside delivery/no stairs and white glove services as well. Click HERE to learn more. For southern California residents, we have a special customer satisfaction guarantee program for you. Click HERE for more details. Standard/peassembled fire tables ship in 3 business days. Made To Order fire tables ship in 2 weeks.


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